Canadian fashion icon Jeanne Beker will host this year’s NSCAD University fashion show, EPOCH 2016.Fourteen young designers from the textiles and fashion department will showcase their designs at the gala runway show April 16 at NSCAD’s port campus in Halifax.

Professor Gary Markle says he marvels at the designs the student’s are hard at work creating.

“We do not force a style. Students come here as artists and they express their own inner creativity,” Markle says.

Some of the designers showed their works-in-progress ahead of next week’s fashion show.

Maggie MacCormick’s collection puts a new twist on school uniforms from the 1970s.

“My stuff is pretty minimal, so it’s pretty basic silhouettes and they’ll be layered in different ways,” she says.

She works mostly with pinstripes, and says she is excited about showcasing her work — especially in front of Beker.

Growing up in Cape Breton, MacCormick says she credits Beker’s 27 years as host of Fashion Television for her introduction to the fashion world.

Elisha Huntley says she loves designing and creating so much that she has a spool of threat and the needle tattooed on her arm. She has spent hundreds of hours designing her collection.

“I decided to weave,” Huntley says.

The skirt she is making is hand pleated to have almost a bow tie design, while the bodice has a plunging V neckline in the front and back. Strategically placed darts accentuate curves.

Victoria Kristofic works on one of her bathing suit and underwear inspired lounge wear.

She says it’s perfect for when you want to strut around your house in something other than your birthday suit. The fabric in a soft organic hemp terry.