Canadian border guards uncovered two grenades and a rocket launcher in a car occupied by two men from Louisiana. CBSA officers reported two men from Louisiana attempted to cross the Peace Bridge on July 3. When their vehicle was searched, officers found a disposable rocket launcher tube and two grenades.

“The items were seized because they were not declared and prohibited,” said CBSA spokesman Julie Campbell. “Visitors to Canada cannot, under any circumstances, import prohibited firearms, prohibited devices or prohibited weapons.”

Police say the men did not have any documentation and claimed that the launcher was deactivated and the grenades appeared to be inert.

The Niagara Regional Police Service Emergency Task Unit was called. Upon further investigation, the items were confirmed to be unusable, police said.

The two men were allowed to proceed into Canada after paying a $1,500 penalty to release the items — $500 for the launcher and $1,000 for the two grenades.