Rajinikanth starrer Kabali has been on an unforgettable trip since the day of its release and it has sensationally outpaced Salman Khan’s Sultan and now is eyeing a bigger challenge, that is posed by another Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan. With PK box office collections, Aamir is still India’s No. 1 even though there have been comparisons made with Baahubali, but nothing concrete emerged out of that. The figures that we have indicate a Rs 118.7 cr take in north Indian markets. The South Indian figures have it at anything between Rs 500 cr to Rs 700 cr! In short, it leads us into a guessing game. Before setting out on this analysis, let it be known that Kabali has already beaten PK in terms of earnings.
So, with Aamir Khan’s PK as the benchmark, take a look at how Rajinikanth’s Kabali is really faring. Before that check out the PK numbers in their entirety and in a qualified manner, Kabali has beaten Aamir Khan’s top ranked film. At the North American box office Kabali collections have aded up to $3.7 mn in its opening weekend (provisionally). And at even this reduced number, Rajinikanth’s latest release has surpassed the opening weekend collections of PK at $3.5 mn.
As we delve deeper into the India focussed collections of both PK and Kabali, the former had a phenomenal start over a period of an entire week. It started slow at a sedate Rs 26.63 crore on Friday and reached a high of Rs 38.44 crore on Sunday, but it acquired such great momentum that for as long as 11 initial days, its collections stayed in the double digit region. And then again on days 14 and 17, the collections again climbed into the double digit realm. The film looked to have been powered by some alien force! By the end of Day 24, PK had climbed as high as Rs 340.8 crore in the Indian market alone. And, if we add the worldwide earnings to the sum, the overall total was a whopping Rs 625.65 crore. Coming to Kabali box office collections, the start outpaced PK so easily that it is laughable. Kabali in fact almost generated double the amounts of PK initially. So, we have Kabali day 1 collections of Rs 48 crore and another two days (Saturday and Sunday) of above Rs 50 crore figures. In fact it seemed to have been breaking records at will, except of course Baahubali’s Rs 50 cr take on day 1. Overall, as far as its worldwide earnings are concerned Kabali has soared as high as Rs 450 crore and we are talking about just till the 5th day. Clearly, there is a lot of promise written there. But will it manage to shoot past the high PK mark of Rs Rs 625.65 crore? It will not be an easy achievement. The going is tough and nothing has been etched in stone.
With such a huge cushion that Kabali collection has built up magnificently over the last few days since its release, it will ostensibly have an easier time of it going forward. But will it, really? According to the latest report, Kabali collections have dropped to as low as Rs 15 crore on Monday, which is the 4th day since release. Taking a look at PK, the film’s collections fell to under Rs 15 crore on day 8 (Friday – Rs 14.48 cr). However, on day 9 and day 10, it earned as much as Rs 17.16 cr and Rs 21.85 cr! Can Kabali maintain that kind of a momentum?
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With Kabali, Rajinikanth has been able to pull off miracles. No one had thought even in their wildest dreams that Rajini mania could rise so high, so fast that seemingly wild box office collections figures thrown up by analysts were actually those reflected on the ground. Keeping that in mind and the weekend racing up around the corner, there is bound to be an amazing booster shot. If it is even half that of the first few days, it will take it across a lot of hurdles in its way.