Many of us have a couple of taxi service icons on our mobile phones and have got used to calling up a Meru, an Ola, a TaxiForSure or an Uber cab. It works fine — except that one needs an Internet connection: the Wi-Fi at home, free hotspots in many public places — or a data pack for the phone. How often have you been caught in urgent need of a cab — but no connectivity!

The travel search leader Ixigo, has come to the rescue with an app that does two things: It aggregates multiple cab providers saving you the hassle of calling them one by one. And works even if you don’t have Internet access and your phone doesn’t fix your location with GPS. It uses a clever combo of SMS messages and earlier travel PNRs on your phone to figure out where you are (they’re not saying exactly how!)

The Ixigo cab app needs a single tap to initiate the cab search and works for many other taxi sevices like day long travel or intercity journeys.