Long before the iPhone, feature phones battled it out to make the best companion for your daily communication and entertainment. Prior to the iPhone, Motorola’s Razr series was the super-slim smartphone that sold over 130 million units because it came closest to an uncompromising buy.
In 2016, Motorola has exchanged hands before eventually landing up in Lenovo’s lap. And it seems like the Razr line is ready to make a comeback.
The company’s ad teasing the launch date to be 9 June (Lenovo Tech World) shows of the a scene from college where everyone is using a Moto Razr. While the same phone is unlikely to make it back to teh market, we might just see an even slimmer Android flip phone. Other companies have experimented with an Android flip phone, but with haven’t managed to get it quite right. In the coming weeks, we’ll find out if Moto still has it in them to bring flip phones back from the grave.
At the same show, the compay’s Z series is expected to replace the Moto X range.