Business tycoon daughter Ananya birla turns musician


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Ananya Birla24indianews
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  ananya-birla24indianews2 At the age of 17, Ananya Birla , daughter of Aditya Birla Group Chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla and philanthropist Neerja Birla decided to ignore the weight of her surname and followed her heart by starting her own microfinance company called Svantantra Microfinance. ananya-birla24indianews-5 The Success that followed made one thing evident-Ananya Birla doesn’t waste time in pursuing and realising her dreams.At a time when most people her age are struggling to find clarity and direction, Ananya on the other hand is exuding brilliance in everything she undertakes. ananya-birla24indianews8 Since then, she has gone on to become an active campaigner of mental health besides launching her own e-commerce venture, Curocarte. But, she isn’t done.One would think she would take it easy for a while after what she’s managed to achieve at such an young age; but Ananya Birla continues to surprise.Now 22, she is making waves in her new avatar- a popstar. ananya-birla24indianews4

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