When a man boarded a Vancouver bus last week, sporting an antique pistol in his belt, he triggered a sequence of events that led to his arrest. Last Thursday, around 1 p.m., a passenger on a Coast Mountain bus reported another bus-rider had “a gun visibly tucked into his belt,” according to a statement Sunday by Transit Police.

A short time after the gun-toting passenger disembarked near Granville and West Broadway, Transit Police arrested him, the statement said, seizing the weapon, which was found to be a “non-functioning replica of an old flintlock-style gun.”

The statement identified the suspect as Francis Boivin, a 44-year-old “well-known to police.” Boivin was found to be in breach of probation, including a condition not to possess firearms or replicas. He was released on a recognizance, with similar conditions, and a court appearance scheduled for Monday.

“The public use or display of replica firearms can be extremely frightening and dangerous,” said the statement from Transit Police. “Police officers must treat these reports as though the weapon is real, until proven otherwise, which can lead to tragic consequences.”