Bollywood is a hard place to survive. An industry that thrives on fierce competition, rivalry and politics, takes all it needs for survival. No wonder, we hear so many cases every now and then, when people succumb to pressure and circumstances and decide to go under the knife. And then there are others, who have ruled the roost, proven their talent and even accepted their bodies with pride.
Well, case in point is many Bollywood divas, who look absolutely gorgeous on and off screen, despite some so-called bodily imperfections. Being an actor, it demands a lot from you, when it comes to physical transformations, for you roles and characters, or just for a pleasant screen presence. Needless to say, many of our B’town ladies have undergone drastic weight loss regimes to look fitter. While their hard work has paid off and they look bombshells today, however, their body speaks volumes of the pressure they have faced and the hardwork they have put in. Well, we are talking about the stretch marks. Yes!Also read: Actresses Who Prove Plastic Surgeries Can Go Right Too!There have been times when many of the actresses like Parineeti Chopra and Zareen Khan, among others, have been spotted with the marks. However, the best part is these women have never shied away from showing off their imperfections and have embraced it with much élan.
Similarly, besides weight loss, natural processes like pregnancy also leave stretch marks on the bodies of actresses who never resort to artificial processes to get rid of them.
Take a look at some such Bollywood ladies who only send out strong messages that always be comfortable in your skin, pregnancy is a natural process, so are stretch marks and it is okay to not go under the knife to achieve that ‘ideal’ body image.