After a Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy left the scene of a crash on Monday night, investigators found marijuana, LSD and Adderall in his home, according to an arrest report.

Santiago Mayorga, 22, was arrested Tuesday and charged with leaving the scene of a crash and drug possession. Mayorga, who was hired in April 2015, is suspended with pay while internal affairs conducts an investigation, said agency spokeswoman Veda Coleman-Wright.

A driver who was sideswiped by while merging onto Copans Road from Interstate 95 followed the marked sheriff’s office vehicle and identified the unit number.

Driver Penny Reynolds told WFOR-Ch. 4 that the crash caught her by surprise.

“The next thing I know I was getting hit from behind and sideswiped.  The back of the deputy’s vehicle hit the front of my car and it was totally unexpected,” she said.

“I’m pretty sure he had to know I was following him,” she told the station.

Her actions helped lead sheriff’s office traffic enforcement and internal affairs investigators to Mayorga’s home.

At the residence, investigators could see drug paraphernalia and a zip-top plastic bag containing a “leafy green substance” in plain view, the agency said. Mayorga, who was off-duty, told detectives he was returning home after being at a friend’s house.

Members of the public corruption unit were then issued a search warrant and found 21 grams of marijuana, approximately 10 hits of LSD and about six grams of Adderall “sitting on top of his passport.” Investigators also found smoking devices in various areas of the home.

Inside Mayorga’s marked vehicle, a 2007 Ford Crown Victoria, investigators found a marijuana grinder with residue in the center console and a cigarette wrapper with an unknown “chalky substance” on the passenger seat, the agency said.

Mayorga has been “relieved of his badge, BSO identification card, and BSO vehicle while the investigation continues,” Coleman-Wright said in a news release.