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Queensland: if one can not sleep properly at night as the next day gets worse. Yawning all day dawns and there is also a work in mind. But in Queensland, Australia, is a family that is not slept for years. Hayley web Lecle and belongs to a family of brothers and sisters who have been awake for years. What rea …
Actually, their family Fatal Familil Insomenia (FFI), a disease in which the person does not ever sleep. To date, no cause or cure the disease Scientists have not been able to find. This very rare disease is counted, which most people do not know. Please tell the entire family of these two was suffering from the disease, but now the family is left with no other than these two.
Lecle many sleeping pills that they eat together, sleep in them, they are able to barely 15 minutes. Eating more damage to the body, because the doctors refused to eat me the pills. Hayley says that while it is very scary to us, as if we are slowly erasing.