A 27-year-old brain dead man has gifted life to four persons and vision to two in Bhavnagar.

Family members of Raju Dhapa have donated his vital organs like liver, kidneys, heart and eyes.

As per a report published in Times of India, the man was declared brain dead at Bajarangdas Bapa Hospital in Bhavnagar after his bike slipped on the road and he was severely injured.

“After Raju Dhapa was declared brain dead, we did counselling of his kin and urged them to donate his organs to save lives of other people. Family readily agreed to donate, heart, two kidneys, liver and two eyes,” Dr. Rajendra Kabariya, the neurosurgeon at Hospital, told TOI.

“Raju’s organs will saves lives of four persons and give vision to two more. A special team from Mumbai arrived in Bhavnagar via chartered plane and took the harvested organ (heart) to Mumbai,” he added.

For fast transportation of the organs, Bhavnagar police made special ‘green corridor’ for ambulance from hospital to airport.

Doctors say that time duration of organ harvesting and transplantation is vital for successful organ transplantation.