Worldwide  many such peculiar traditions, about which there is surprise. One such tradition is celebrated in Scotland, which is known as May Day. On the occasion of the annual exam is over, students good luck for the first student and swim in the icy water, and even do so without clothes Kekberfile water …
Even if the heat is falling in the country these days, but the weather in Scotland is very cold in May. Yet these students are bathing naked in icy water. Nude in the water before jumping in the tradition of waking up all night with the students sing. It is believed that bathing in this way these students sins are erased. According to this tradition, students are splashed each other. However, many people shed clothes and they can not force is used.
It is also at Cambridge University
Something similar happens in Cambridge University. The annual competition for student and Chhatrayen shed their clothes. Nude to win the competition and show everyone on your body is bent.