Here’s What a Couple Married for 83 Years Can Teach You About Love and Marriage
t’s easy to get so caught up in the details of planning your wedding that you forget the big picture — you’re not only planning one day, you’re planning for the rest of your lives together. Luckily, one couple who has been through it all — they’ve been married 83 years! — is spilling on their sage advice for young couples. And, trust us, you’re going to want to listen up.

John and Ann Betar, dubbed the “longest married couple” in the U.S., eloped in 1932, when Ann was 17, after her father told her he planned to marry her to a different man who was 20 years her senior. John, 104, and Ann, 100, took to Twitter to answer questions about how to make love last — well, it wasn’t just them, they teamed up with the online home service marketplace, Handy. People can tweet questions to the couple using @Handy and the hashtag #LongestLove through Valentine’s Day. So start brainstorming those questions!

Lucky for us, USA Today took it upon itself to ask the couple a few warm-up questions about their relationship and modern-day dating. And the Betars’ answers are nothing short of amazing.

What do you think about the fact that people are now getting married a little older?
Ann: We were just lucky, it was the times, we didn’t live in an environment where you met lots of people. It was a smaller community. I do think if you wait, you have more sense in your head.
John: These days everything goes. People can just live together.

What kind of advice do you think you can provide to modern daters? Is the key being more old-fashioned?
John: Things are just so different now. I like the old-fashioned way.
Ann: If you’re going to marry somebody and think you can change them you’re crazy. You can’t. Don’t think you can.