The boy weighs 40 kg was left, a body created now

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Switzerland 22 years and 7 years working the body is formed by Charlie Rufiks. Wet Rufiks surprise that ever stood at only 40 kg. Neither he nor exercises Kna loved. Indeed they anoxia disease (an eating disorder) had plagues. Just 800 calories consumed during the day, while a man in this age is 2500 calories Chahia.kase seek change ... Rufiks the body with the help of Personal Trainer and Speaker Motivesnl have it transform. Rufiks some problem in the legs, which was fixed by surgery. He points out that at the beginning I was at home, sit ups began. When I was reduced to eating Instrest did not know. Later I found out that I am a victim of an eating disorder. My weight was becoming less frequent. I joined the gym to exercise and stretch it to fit my body grew and became wet.  

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