In a rare incident, a boy in Nepal has a third hand growing out of his back and is not movable. The limb comes from his undeveloped twin and continues to grow with his age.

The third had has grown big enough to create a problem for two-year-old Gaurab Garum while sleeping. The arm, which is growing from a split in the toddler’s spinal column, can’t be operated as it can leave the kid paralyzed for the entire life.

The rare condition is known as spina bifida and it affects around one in 1,500 babies, but according to reports the extra arm and hand is much rarer.

The child’s family, who lives in Tanahun district of Nepal, belongs to a conservative Hindu community and this is why they didn’t take medical opinion from doctors because spiritual shamans told the parents that boy is an incarnation of God.

“The doctor advised us to take the baby to the hospital within five days of the birth. Because of our poor finances, we couldn’t go. People said he was a form of God, and bestowed money,” Ashish, the father of the kid, was quoted as saying by a websiteEven if not operated, the child will develop some sort of neurological problems in the future.

This can also leave him wheelchair-bound.