Anjilin Jackson was 19 years old when he became a boy, the girl, raped her and her friend’s. Anjilin took many years to recover from this tragedy. Anjilin is lesbian. The incident took place in Jamika. Anjilin he was telling his story, lesbian online talking to a girl in a chat room. A few days later he called to meet. When I went to meet him with his friend, he was a guy who did not the girl herself told the girl’s brother and that he has sent me to you to take home. Another man in the car turned out to …
Me and my friends sitting there in the car, another man got us hidden. Both took turns to rape us. I made my Sekshuaeliti regardless police report. But also I suffered torture. The female officer there told me that if I would not do that with my boys that date. I knew as soon as I was always the target to become her report will go. But I did not want to leave him like that.
100 girls had raped
Earlier investigations revealed that the man had more than 100 girls and women were raped. The court sentenced him to 27 years. But still I feel very bad that day for thee. I walk out with my friend to admit himself guilty. If he does not go with me, then remains.