Three-month-old boy, Hong Hong, from Hunan province, China, is born with a rare birth defect because of which he has 15 fingers and 16 toes.

He suffers from polydactylism, a rare birth defect that results in extra fingers. Hong Hong inherited this defect from his mother, who works in a factory in Shenzhen City. However, it is not as severe as his – she only has 12 fingers and 12 toes.

The multiple ultrasounds that she did during her pregnancy, never once revealed a single deformity. After Hong Hong’s  birth his parents were shocked to discover he had contracted the same condition.

The parents of the young boy who are desperately trying to find medical treatment were told by doctors that the surgery could cost close to 30,000 dollars.

Doctors told them that the baby can be operated on when he is between six months and a year old.

The couple have now reached out to local charities and internet to raise funds for the surgery through online donations.

Polydactyly is a defect which affects both humans and animals. According to medical records, this rare genetic disorder affects one in every 1,000 live births and is often passed down in families.

Devendra Suthar from Gujarat, currently holds Guinness world record for polydactyly. A carpenter by profession, he has 14 fingers and 14 toes. He says that extra fingers does not hamper his work, but he has to keep an eye while cutting things.