New York: Olympic boxing with you, the people have seen plenty of each other, but have you ever heard of any boxing, where people used to fight with bears? If you have not heard to tell the history of boxing between bears and humans are also recorded match interesting and horrific. Those bears were fighting cannibals …
Europe and America in the 19th century had plenty of such an action, which the people were much preferred. A man was in the ring fighting bears. Fighting the fight many times the person who killed the bear, sometimes the bear fighting man who won. However, the bears won out on most occasions. Some of these people trying to eat even after killing the bear was.
139 years ago the first fight
Fight with the bear was introduced in Europe. The game gradually became popular in the US. In November 1877 there was the first fight in which the Bears won, but he did not harm the fighter. The second fight April 4, 1878 was held on the name to bear the name of Jean-Francis borne fighter was killed. The US state of Ohio in Cincinnati resident of a fight a man called Lucien mark surpassed the bear. His thumb was bitten by the bear in this fight.
Was tied up mouth
Bear hunting of the man who could not fight in the ring, it was tied to his mouth. Then he was lowered into the ring. The front bears attack fighter that when the bear that also hit back at him. Porta Costa, California in 1885, a bear had made headlines a lot because of his great fight. The Bears then defeated several veteran wrestlers in the ring. However, it did not harm any more.