NEW DELHI: The International Cricket Council (ICC) has spelled good news for bowlers by marginally expanding the striking zone for the TV umpire to overturn a ‘not out’ leg-before-wicket decision by the on-field official.
The tweaking of the decision review system (DRS) was announced at the end of the ICC’s annual conference in Edinburgh on Saturday. The new rule requires only 50% of the ball to strike the outer half of the off-stump or leg-stump for the TV umpire’s decision to come into play.
The old rule, on the other hand, required 50% of the ball to strike the inside of off-stump or leg-stump for the purpose.
“The size of the zone inside which half the ball needs to hit for a ‘not out’ decision to be reversed to ‘out’ will increase, changing to a zone bordered by the outside of the off and leg stumps, and the bottom of the bails (earlier the centre of the off and leg stumps, and the bottom of the bails),” an ICC statement said. The amendment will come into effect on October 1, or from the start of any series using DRS just prior to this date.
The ICC will also hold trials to check if the TV umpire can use replays to call ‘no balls’ more accurately, and within seconds of the ball being delivered.
Among other things, the global body decided to apply for including women’s cricket in the 2022 Commonwealth Games at Durban, and held back plans to introduce a two-tier system in Test cricket for “further study”. It also said plans to reverse a 2014 decision giving India, Australia and England a larger share of the revenue and a bigger say in administrative matters would be taken up after the ICC Board receives the draft of a new constitution at its October meetings.