Worried that you are not incinerating enough fat despite all that pounding on the treadmill? Agreed, running does have its pros — it gives you a de-stressing workout that also boosts your endurance and all you need is a just pair of running shoes and a clean running track. A person whose weight is average can burn around 100 calories after running 1.6 kilometres. The calorie burn count is not proportional to speed, rather it is related to your weight. If you weigh more, you burn more and vice versa. An average speed of nine-kilometre per hour, can help you burn around 550 calories. *The calories burnt are according to a person who weighs around 65 kgs.
But if you are not too fond of running, here are a few more ways to help you burn calories…

When you indulge in aerobic dancing you burn a lot of calories. So sweat it out at the clubs.

Calories burnt*:
400 – 450 approximately in one hour

Considered one of the best workouts for your body, this form of exercise burns a lot even when done at a moderate pace. Breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly stroke burn calories at an ascending order with the last one at the maximum.
Calories burnt*:

 580 – 780 approximately in one hour
Boxing is a workout that has become quite a fad. Kickboxing burns lesser calories.
Calories burnt*:
 580-700 approximately in one hour
In-line skating can burn calories and is fun too.
Calories burnt*:
400 approximately in one hour

Jump rope
This is actually quite an incredible aerobic exercise. If you can manage to do around 100 to 120 skips every minute. you get the most out of this workout. This cardio exercise challenges your balance and coordination and also uses more muscle groups than jogging would. Use different drills that need more hand and foot movements.
Calories burnt*:
600-700 approximately in one hour

Depending upon your speed and resistance, a stationary bike can burn as many calories as jogging would. You could opt for either a stationary bike or a bike ride outdoors.
Calories burnt*:
 400 to 480 approximately in one hour
Tabata Jump Squats
This is a workout that caught everyone’s fancy last year. One of the best things about this is that it burns calories during and after a workout. Do at least eight rounds with 20 seconds of vigorous exercise and 10 seconds of rest.
Calories burnt*:
800 approximately in one hour
When you walk uphill at a regular pace of six kilometre per hour, carrying around five kgs in your backpack, you will burn around 50 more calories than walking without the baggage.