Vancouver police took no chances after discovering two live hand grenades inside a cube van at a gas station. Police were called to Fraser Street near King Edward shortly after 7 p.m. Thursday night for reports of a suspicious person in a gas station parking lot.

Officers arrived to find a 33-year-old man sitting inside a parked van outside of the convenience store at the Esso gas station.

A search of the vehicle turned up throwing knives, a tactical vest and two hand grenades.

The driver, who turned out to be a prohibited driver, was also found to have a set of brass knuckles in his pocket and a small amount of marijuana, according to the VPD.

The gas station was cordoned off by police tape as a bomb squad robot was brought in to analyze the explosives in the back of the truck.

After an x-ray revealed that they were indeed active, the devices were taken to the school field at Tupper Secondary and exploded in a controlled detonation at around 3 a.m. Friday.

The detonations were loud enough to wake up many people in the neighbourhood, reported CTV Morning Live reporter Sheila Scott.

The Surrey man in the truck was taken into custody and the force says it is pursuing multiple charges against him.

The VPD said Friday the suspect has a minor criminal record, and the grenades had been tampered with.