Their demanding jobs might keep them away from their families for the maximum time, but the biggest perk of being an actor is the handsome income that they take home. Bollywood stars are known to lead lavish and fancy lives, thanks to the hefty amounts they charge for all their work.

Recently, there was news that superstar Akshay Kumar has upped his fees to Rs. 45 crore per film. not many people know that Akshay earns more than Salman Khan. Yes, you read that right!

Calculating their per day incomes, while Sallu earns around Rs. 52 Lakh, Akki takes home aroung Rs. 57 Lakh, per day. Consequently, Salman’s yearly income is Rs. 190 Crore and Akshay earns Rs. 210 crore, per annum.

Besides films, Akshay earns big amounts from the products that he endorses. He also owns a production house and demands his share of profit from his filmmakers.
Salman, on the other hand, earns big bucks from films and ads. His clothing brand Being Human too has a major contribution in his income. The actor also owns a production house and is soon coming up with a cinema chain.

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