The gorgeous model-turned-actress, Urvashi Sharma stole many hearts after featuring in Mika Singh’s ‘Something Something’ and Atif Aslam’s ‘Doorie’. In
2007, the actress also did not hesitate to show her bold side in her debut movie, Naqaab. Now, after being away from the limelight for a while, Urvashi is all
set to make her TV debut with a new show titled ‘Amma.’
Recently, in an interview with, Urvashi Sharma opened up about her life without her daughter, difficulty while shooting, going de-glam for
the role and many.
Here’s what she said:
Playing Amma was not an easy task:
Playing the role of Amma was not easy for me because in reality, I come from a very protective background where my husband fulfills all my demands. He
pampers me a lot and he doesn’t let me to struggle for anything. And imagine for this show, I was required to shoot in 50 degree Celsius. Technically, I have
also burned my skin. Also, I have never stayed away from my daughter, Samaira in the past two and a half years. But this time, my mother is taking care of
her in Mumbai and I am shooting here in Hyderabad.
I liked the concept of the show and so I accepted it as a challenge.
Putting on weight was necessary:
I am just 30 years old and I am aware that I am looking much older than my age on the screen. But honestly, my character needed to look mature and so I
had to put on weight. As an actress, it is very important for us to mold ourselves into the characters requirement.
Glamarous ‘Naqaab’ to de-glam ‘Amma’:
Honestly, I never took a conscious effort to break my bold image. Naqaab was my launch film and my character in the film demanded me to look bold.
Similarly, I am making a debut on television with Amma. And here, my character demands me to look simple and de-glam. In short, I just go with the flow. I
do not mind transforming myself for the powerful and challenging characters. I do not fear about what people will say about my image. At the end, I am an
actress. I cannot be in one look all the time. It has to change according to the storyline. Isn’t it?
Debut on television with Amma:
Any girl of my age (30 years) will never want to play an old character on the screen. When I heard about Amma’s character, I did not think twice before
accepting it. I am sure audiences have never seen such a powerful character on television shows. Technically, this show has been shot like a film. And this
was also one of the reasons for me to accept this show. I wanted to do television but never want to see myself in saas-bahu drama.
Personal Life:
Urvashi got married to a business tycoon/actor Sachin Joshi in February 2012. She changed her name to Raina Joshi. On 21 January 2014 she gave birth
to a baby girl who was later named Samaira.
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