Just look at this photo. Glass bottle at a woman’s head being broken. Perhaps you feel part of a stunt, but it’s not. Here is a picture of the Chinese Institute of Bodyguard, in which women are given bodyguards to make a brutal training. These photos are viral on social networking sites. Many institutions are open …
Will surprise you, but tell that to train women in China have opened several establishments. 8-10 months professional training of women in these institutions is hard, so they can be exposed to security skills. The list of one-third of China’s millionaires are women. The first choice of women connected to most business are Bodigards woman.
Training is dangerous
Female bodyguards in China during the training to fight, weighing several km running, the face of the sharp edge of the water to walk in the mud among the barbed wire. The trainer for strengthening the body on the body of these women are driven so that they can combat the enemies firmly. Moreover, these women are given training as rescue themselves from enemies.