Ditch those expensive treatments for a relaxing one at home this summer. You don’t need those luxurious products, instead those homemade ingredients will surely work wonders for your skin. We suggest some of these combinations that you can try out.

Turmeric and sugar
Make a thick paste of 1 tbsp of turmeric combined with 2-3 tbsp of coarse sugar. You can also blend the sugar in case you feel that the sugar granules can cause redness to the skin. While making the paste, instead of using water, you can use milk or rose water for maximum benefits. While turmeric will lend a certain glow to your skin, the sugar granules will exfoliate and help you get rid of dead skin cells.

Rose petals, honey and oats
For maximum moisturisation, therapists recommend using a paste made from rose petals, diluted honey and oats. While rose petals add fairness to the skin, honey nourishes and brightens your complexion and oats exfoliates the skin. You can also add a bit of unboiled milk to the paste to make it thicker. Use this scrub at least twice in a week to enhance your complexion.