Automotive manufacturers across the world are trying to develop new engine lines which are frugal and yet pack decent enough punch to satisfy the need for speed. BMW is one of them and the Bavarian carmaker has recently announced a new range of 3 and 4 cylinder petrol and diesel engines which will power the future models for itself and its sister company Mini as well. The earliest that we can see these engines doing duty is on the next-gen 3-Series, which will make its international debut sometime towards the end of 2017.

BMW says that the new range of its Efficient Dynamic engines will be the smoothest, most powerful and the most efficient that it has ever produced. BMW says that these new engines will emit 5 per cent lesser CO2 and offer an average of 7bhp bump in power along with a boost of 20Nm of torque than the engines to be replaced. The company has put in a new cylinder cooling system and a new Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) exhaust treatment in order to keep the NOX pollutant levels under control. The range of 4-cylinder diesel engines will have 3 variants which will produce 147bhp and 350Nm; 188bhp and 400Nm; 231bhp and 450Nm. BMW hasn’t disclosed the specifications for its new range of 4-cylinder petrol engines.

As far as 3-cylinder engines are concerned, there will be two options which produce 95bhp and 220Nm along with another variant that is good for 114bhp and 270Nm. From what we gathered, these new engines will be powering all the models from the 1-Series to the 5-series along with all the models in the Mini portfolio except the Countryman.

These new 4-cylinder engines will also be fitted with twin-scroll turbochargers which earlier used to be fitted only on high performance diesel engines from BMW. Other technical changes include the new pressure levels for fuel injection and new balancer shafts for the 3-cylinder engine range in order to keep the NVH levels under check.