Bangkok: Thailand’s capital Bangkok with the youth there have been pictures of the bloody fight. Fight enthusiasts in these photos on one another kick-boxing can be seen distil. Surprisingly Illegal ways that the police are not aware of the fight on U-Tube video posted …
Fighting Illegal method name of this group is Thailand Fight Club, the fight on the YouTube video uploads. The fight is under the roads and bridges, which are one-to-fighting. The name of the boxer safety mouthpieces, gloves and tape levy. This fight is a 3-minute rounds. However, the winner is not decided, despite more than a hundred people come to see a fight.
The Organiser founder Sofon Nartonukul Speaking to the Bangkok Post said the boy just with each other in the fight quarrel. Crime is low in the country, because the boy out here and take your hostility. According to Sofon, fight through the people here learn to combat art, which is very important for their life. However, under the Thailand Boxing Act 1999 is the Fight Illegal. To do this, people sentenced to one year or a fine of 38 thousand rupees can be.
Said Police Chief
Bangkok police investigation is taking this fight. Bangkok’s police chief said Snit Mahathavorn we are investigating and will Involv Fight the Illegal him we would get severely punished.