West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on attacked the BJP government on Saturday, accusing them of influencing probe agencies and taking credit for the work done by the Trinamool Congress government in Bengal.

“Today people are scared of CBI, ED and Income Tax. BJP is targeting all their enemies. They are selling India through the ‘Make In India’ programme. Young women are opening bank accounts in Bengal through the Kanyasree scheme and they want to take credit for opening bank accounts. They only take credit through Facebook and Twitter. We work and they take credit. This has to be exposed. We build toilets everywhere and they only talk about Swacch Bharat, Ms Banerjee said in an address to party workers in Kolkata’s Netaji Indoor Stadium.

Ms Banerjee also gave a clarification on the contentious issue of returning land to farmers in Singur after a question was raised from one of her party workers. “There is a court case on, and there should be a result soon. Don’t worry about Singur. Keep faith in the justice system. The verdict should come soon. The land is with us. Farmers will definitely get their land back,” she replied.

Refuting allegations that her party was raising money through syndicates supported by the Trinamool Congress, Ms Banerjee said that her party’s lawmakers will demand a probe for unaccounted funds of other parties in Parliament.

After ordering a probe into the Narada sting in which her party men were allegedly seen taking bribes, Mamata Banerjee came out in defence of her party leaders seen on the tapes.

“Today times are bad. You are talking to someone thinking he is your friend. That person records the entire conversation. Whom will you trust? Brothers and sisters are talking and even that is recorded on a mobile and shown on television. They demand Rs. 5 crore to stop the telecast of recordings. This is politics of blackmail”, Ms Banerjee said.