A section Hindu families has been migrating from Kairana over a decade — mostly for jobs, education, better opportunities.  But law and order was also an issue and the families did not feel safe in the area, they added.

The police have ordered a probe into the migration after local lawmaker Hukum Singh presented list of 346 families of the Muslim-majority town, claiming they had to leave their homes after attacks.

Found that a chunk of the families had left around five years ago. A few families left two years ago after some local businessmen were murdered. Congress legislator from Shamli Pankaj Malik said the BJP is “communalising the atmosphere” and the Samajwadi Party government is silent, which means they were “hand in glove” with the BJP. “The people are indeed fed up with crime, but there is no religious angle to it,” he said.

Assembly elections are slated to be held in the state next year.
The Hindu families who are still her, said while they have no tension on communal issues, it is a matter for concern that they are a minority. But they also said no one from the BJP or RSS have visited them recently.

The police have claimed the number of families that migrated is smaller than the figure Hukum Singh has quoted.

“Some people from there came to meet me and have told me that though they have not fled, their names have just been added to that list,” Ashok Kumar Raghav, a senior police officer in the area, said.

A 9-member BJP team will visit Kairana on June 15 to investigate the issue.

Union minister Sanjeev Balyan has claimed the ruling Samajwadi Party is supporting hooliganism – a charge that has been trashed by the party.

Claiming it was an attempt at polarization, Samajwadi Party spokesperson Juhi Singh said, “This is the same BJP MP who earlier said he wouldn’t let those living in Muzaffarnagar relief camps vote. Some isolated incidents are being taken out of context and hyped up.”