Bizarre Race: Where the horse has to cross the finish line, get win

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Italy on Saturday in the city of Siena, the Palio horse race, in which 17 were mounted. They mounted 17 participants representing suburbs of Siena 17, but only 10 in the final itself arrives. This race is a few seconds, but not mounted the winner is determined by the horse to cross the finish line, even if the horse has even fallen. A horse can become the winner …
If a horse crossed the finish line, then give him the winner. This race is here twice a year. July 2 for the first time and the second time on August 16. Known in Italy Bulfaiitng outlawed in 1590 after years of organizing the race began. Paleo first race was held in 1656 a year. The center is in the race, there is laid a thick layer of soil.

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