Weather in different parts of the world, numerous bizarre incidents occur. A similar phenomenon often occurs in Queensland, Australia. About 200 meters from the ground is patchy clouds. The clouds that look like waves, layer by layer Pilets gliders extremely attract. Wonders of the nature of people believe …
It was not a cloud in the beginning maybe it could be a plane out of the smoke. But after a long discussion began appearing. Their research has also been building over several times. Locals minus Wonders of the nature of a legend describes.

So what is the truth?
These clouds formed in the sky of Australia ‘Morning Glory Cloud says. 1000 km long and 2 km to the cloud are high. Cape York Peninsula, in particular the shape of the land and the sea plays a vital role in the formation of these strange clouds. North Queensland Burkett quaint town near the earth at the end of September before the start of the rainy cloud and are ready in the beginning of November. Morning Glory clouds often come with dangerous ferment, when suddenly the sound is the wind, which have a lower level and the air pressure on the surface is faster.
Strong wind flows toward the front of the cloud. The overflow occurs when the wind is behind the clouds. Cloud over the surface with a speed of 60 km per hour are blown away with the wind. It is also drizzle and thunderstorm. ‘Morning Glory Cloud “America, the English Channel, Munich, Berlin, Northeast Russia and Australia are made occasionally in the Maritime region.