Aditya Narayan, the young talent who sang the hit ‘tatad tatad’ is one of the most stylish musicians of the period. He not only has a
sexy voice, but also has a unique energy which pulls all the girls head over heels.
The dashing singer and a host turn 29 today! And like everyone, birthdays are special to him also; but the reason behind celebration
differs a little.
Recently, Aditya Narayan said, “In the last couple of years, I haven’t celebrated my birthdays
because I had been busy working; shooting my music videos. This time, for a change, I am not working and so planning to throw a
party. I feel that whenever something good happens in life, you should always celebrate with your friends and family members. This
year, I have achieved a lot in terms of success and I really want to thank the people around me. In fact, sometimes I feel that one
shouldn’t celebrate his/her birthday because you get older (Laughs). But I think we celebrate the accumulation of experiences we had
in our lives. So yes, this year I am surely going to celebrate my achievements.”
Well, Aditya has surely grown up to be a handsome singer; but have you wondered how he used to look as a kid? Here, we bring to
you some rare and unseen pictures of Aditya Narayan.
Click to see the pictures…