Strange things in the sky flying airplane are not spared. These services are shocking. Bikini Girls in Vietnam as Vitjet airline attendant greets passengers. These girls are also fun to break dance. German travel agency in the summer months that would allow such flights offer passengers can travel completely naked. The photo is of 2008. Island airline recently launched the airplane on the pink and purple theme was dedicated to the gay movement. The ship Koyatri ‘gay’ call him. Economy Class passengers of Air Malta flight massage facilities. New Zealand in 2011 allowed certain airline passengers. If desired, these seats can be booked passenger plane, as they may wish Istenmal. They can create their own kind of couch on which one can travel partner fell. Australian airline Qantas in 2015, deals with Samsung and services became the first airline to meet the broad range of virtual reality headset. Consumers transatlantic airline with massage chairs and is a tablet for entertainment. If you are traveling from New York to Paris, you’ll find these facilities.