A medical college in Bihar has been found dealing in illegal business of human skulls. A sting operation conducted by a Hindi daily reported that sweepers in a college in Muzaffarpur are selling natural skulls for approximately Rs 8000 to MBBS students.

Cleanliness workers in a hospital allegedly sell the skull to students after removing the flesh from dead bodies with their own hands.

Artificial skulls are available in the market at prices between Rs 15 and Rs 50,000. However, the students buy natural skulls from these sweepers for Rs 8000 to study human anatomy.

During the sting operation, a sweeper explained the process of preserving the skulls. He said that after removing the flesh, the skulls are boiled, get them dry and store in a box.

The sweepers use unclaimed bodies of people who die in the absence of food and medicine and mentally-disturbed people who die in accidents.

However, the principal of the medical college claimed not such illegal business take place in his institution.