So far, the wild card twist has not brought any excitement to the house, apart from some negative energy Priyanka Jagga. Elena, Jason are non-existent so far and Sahil also seems harmless. But Priyanka has resumed from where she left. She is still in the celebrity VS commoner mode, which the others have long outgrown.


Anyway, coming back to the episode, Manu gets upset with Swami ji when he says that all housemates are good, in response to the former’s question about what he thinks about Mona. Manu is surprised with his response because last he checked, Mona was apparently “beti”.

Bigg Boss announces the nominations of the week. Elena and Jason are nominated because they lost the dome task to Nitibha and Gaurav respectively. Bani and Rahul are also nominated because they lost to Priyanka and Sahil respectively. All the nominated contestants have to stay in the challenger room as part of this exchange programme.


Later, Swami ji is putting spoons in pillows because “loha asur shaktiyon ko door rakhta hai” (Steel keeps negative energies at bay). Manu and Manveer see this and naturally, create a huge fuss about it. They are infuriated and in order to take vengeance, they expose Swami ji. They find all the items from his bag, that he had been stealing from other housemates and show it to everyone. We see two baskets full of shampoos and other toiletries, amongst which is a bottle of Clean & Dry. LOL! What will you do with feminine wash, Swami ji?!

Lodoff argument follows and Manu says “harpic se garare karta hai aur intimate wash laga ke ghoomta hai.”

New people in the house are slightly taken aback at this heated argument, but the seniors calm them down saying, “ye roz ka hai”. They ask Elena and Jason to calm down as it will soon fizzle out. And fizzle, it did.


Later, Swami ji cries in the wash room and guess who comes to pacify him and offer water? Manveer. Followed by Manu. Why though? I don’t understand why they did that? Why defend him if you know he is the way he is? And he won’t change for good or bad? And most importantly, you were the ones who started this drama?

Soon after, Swami ji tells Priyanka that Manu and Manveer are professional liars and some such nonsense. Unfortunately for Swami ji, Mona overhears the entire conversation and another fight follows. Huge. Fight.

The thing is that Priyanka and Mona are both insecure of each other. One thinks she “has been” replaced and the other thinks she “will be” replaced by the first. No wonder then that they fight at any given instance. Next moment, they kiss and make up. Priyanka kisses, hugs and cuddles Mona and tells her that if she is Manu-Manveer’s friend, she is her friend as well.

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I can smell scheming and plotting.

Finally, Bigg Boss finally addresses the elephant in the room- Rohan’s captaincy. He has clearly failed as a captain in his second week. Despite repeated warnings by Bigg Boss, he has failed to accomplish the role as per expectations. Bigg Boss announces the termination of his captaincy and further says that he will never be allowed to compete for captaincy. Everybody discusses Bigg Boss’ decision and Swami ji is, of course ecstatic. (2 chunks of butter and a stretcher, if you remember!)

It’s Bani’s birthday and she is extremely happy to get a protein cake. However, she is not very open to sharing it with anyone. Okay then, happy birthday!