Priya Malik who was last seen in Bigg Boss 9 is back with a new show. Speaking about the show, this is what Priya said, “I’ll let my boobs do the talking.” She added, “Just kidding, there’s also a lot of brain involved. What attracted me to it was the concept. It’s an interesting concept plus I enjoy hosting/anchoring, as it’s my forte. The look is vintage glam plus I’ve been blessed with a 1950s 36-27-36 figure, so I fit the genre.”

Priya also divulged, “The show is solely narrated by me. It is a very well researched show based on stories never told before on Indian television. Some award winning directors and script writers are a part of the panel so we’re hoping on it being an intriguing show. It will be narrated in the Priya style – saucy, spicy but with a lot of soul. It’s being produced at quite a grand scale and the theme will be released on Friday. There will be one episode every weekend.” Earlier, she had also hosted another TV show called, Cricket, Camera, Action.

Priya rose to fame with her stint on Bigg Boss 9. Not just that, she was also one of the finalists in Big Brother Australia 2014. Originally from Dehradun, she has been Australia. In fact, she did her Eng (Hons.) from Delhi University’s Venky.

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