Tonight’s episode is going to be a fun filled ride. Salman Khan will be there for Weekend Ka Vaar looking all dapper and handsome, and of course will be schooling the contestants for their behaviour over the week. Did you know Rahul Dev is also a contestant on Bigg Boss 10? Yea! We know you do. But the actor’s involvement in the show is so less that one might easily forget that he is even there in the house. Bani J is finally coming out of her shell and projecting her real personality, slowly. But rest of the celebrity contestants are quite thanda. On-screen father son duo Rohan Mehra and Karan Mehra are also next to non existent on Bigg Boss 10. And this is exactly what, thankfully, Salman Khan would be addressing.
Salman would majorly talk to Rohan, Karan and Rahul for being so thanda in the house. C’mon seriously guys! The world is watching you, you have got to put up a great show. And that is not happening until you participate in the game with all the zest, arrogance, determination you have. Hopefully after Salman telling them the same thing, they would improve their methods.
Also, there is a slight possibility that Salman Khan might walk out. Yep! The promo hints at this happening again. You know when Salman is talking, and trying to have a calm conversation with contestants, and they start arguing amongst each other. We know how Salman hates it. In the past Salman has walked out of the conversation, and off the camera, after contestants ignored his presence. This will happen again with Bani J and Manveer Gurjar arguing like crazy! Salman would ask them to continue arguing, of course sarcastically, and would walk away from the frame. Sh*t just got serious!

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