The legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan feels that the best way to increase awareness regarding education is to educate women and daughters of the country.

Senior Bachchan said that the reason he keeps contributing to the cause of women education was due to his belief that it was of utmost importance.

“Money anyone can steal but knowledge cannot be stolen from you. Hence, I believe, to increase awareness regarding education, it is extremely important to make women and daughters educated. And I keep contributing towards this cause in my own way,” Bachchan said at an event, according to PTI.

The 73-year-old actor launched a new learning management system app ‘Robomate+’ that is powered by MT Educare.”Many incidents have inspired me in my life… I feel knowledge is that shield which will protect you from difficulties without any weapons. Never stop learning, because learning never stops,” he addedBachchan revealed that he often wishes to go back to school and college to gain more knowledge, advised many young students present at the venue to study in such a way that they remember it for a lifetime”A person learns two things in life he never forgets. Swimming and cycling. Even after years, he can do it. If only, we study the same way. Without thinking about end results… If you chase knowledge, numbers will chase you,” he addedHe further commented that today’s generation runs either for “abs or apps”.