In ancient India, women were considered as superior to men. There are goddesses who are the ultimate idols of powers. The word ‘shakti’ which means power is often associated with the women. As the source of life are women, women are the considered the strongest.
They are the symbol of creation, sacrifice and immense love. Ravana and his entire clan were wiped out because he abducted Sita. In Vedic times women and men were equal as far as education and religion was concerned. Such respect for the feminine has not been as readily visible in the history of the Western world, unfortunately.
In Mahabharata, Bhishma told some secrets about women to yudhistir when he was on his death bed. Bhishma had a boon of ‘iccha mrityu’ which meant that he could determine the time of his death. He was killed by arjuna, by multiple arrows pierced in his body. While arjuna used ‘shikhandi’ as his shield as advised by Krishna. Shikhandi was born a female but later became male.
According to kshatriya dharma, bhishma considered it wrong to fight shikhandi and did not fight back not realizing it was arjuna. He was wounded, and fell from his chariot, but did not touch the Earth. He rested on a bed of the arrows that had pierced his body. Bhishma was resting upon the bed of arrows, surrounded by the seven Rishis, Krishna, Yudhisthira, Pandavas and Duryodhana. Bhishma could die whenever he felt like but he waited for the sun to return to northern hemisphere. He laid on the bed of arrows for 6 months and shared his words of wisdom for the entire ordeal.
Never Disrespect Women
In a home where women are disrespected or disgraced can never be a happy home. The clan of the home suffers if the women of the family are not happy. If they are happy and respected, they bring more lady luck into the family.
According to bhishma pitamah, if the desires of a woman remain unfulfilled then she is unable to make her husband happy. A woman should be honored and loved.
A House where women of the house are highly honored, only that place is blessed with the blessings of goddess Lakshmi.