Shahid Kapoor and his wifey dearest Mira had a new addition in their family, as Mira delivered a baby girl today.Naturally their fans are expected, and you can see many of them congratulating the Udta Punjab star on Twitter. But when news goes around some issue, you also expect to have people create fake news around the same as well as fake pictures.
And thus, we have a few pics of Shahid and Mira going viral on the net with a baby’s image merged to them. There is another pic of ‘Mira’ holding a baby, that is definitely different from the other baby. If you thought these pics are real, dude, you have been suckered BIG TIME. No one would release their newborn’s pic just on the day of their delivery, if they have any kind of sense in them.

So, please wait for the original pics, and don’t pass around the above fake ones.
Going back to Shahid, Mira and their baby girl, Mira was admitted to Hinduja Healthcare surgical Hospital, Mumbai a few days back. She gave birth to a girl in the evening at 7:56 pm, of normal delivery. The newborn weighs 2.8 kgs, and was delivered under the medical expertise of Dr. Kiran Coelho. Mira is reported to be in good health, and is will return to her home with the baby within a week.