Former speaker Bronwyn Bishop has said it is ‘totally inaccurate’ to say she betrayed Tony Abbott. Speaking Ms Bishop said she had supported former Prime Minister Tony Abbott from his preselection to his becoming leader of the Liberal Party.

‘I supported him through in that ballot to make sure he became the leader and I supported him through two campaigns saying that he was the person people should put their trust in,’ she said.

Whilst Ms Bishop said she had consistently backed Mr Abbott, she stopped short of admitting she voted for Malcolm Turnbull in the leadership ballot.

The former speaker of the house resigned after it was revealed she charged $5000 to the taxpayer chartering a helicopter to travel from Melbourne to Geelong to attend a Liberal party fundraiser.

Ms Bishop went on to lose pre-selection for the seat of Mackellar to Jason Falinski.

She said she was the victim of factional politics.

‘I lost my preselection because the far right got in bed with the far left, a factional fight, ‘she said.

‘I have now become a card carrying supporter of plebiscites because had we had one, I believe I would still be the member.’

Ms Bishop said that for any other stories about how things occurred people would have to wait for her book.

‘Any other further stories about how things occurred, you will just have to wait for my book. But don’t hold your breath waiting for it,’ she said.