A migraine is a neurological disorder that brings with it repeated bouts of headaches, ranging from a high to moderate intensity. The pain is usually either on one side, or one-half of the head. A typical attack can last for either two hours, two days, or sometimes, even a week.

Light and noise are huge aversions when one is suffering from a migraine. The other symptoms usually include nausea, vomiting, and aggravated pain during physical activity.

The Padmasana or the Lotus Pose is a meditative posture that relaxes the mind and clears out the head, thereby reducing the headaches. Don’t be deceived by how simple it looks, though. It can can be quite a task to master this sitting pose. Ready to take on the challenge?

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The Uttanasana or the Pada Hastasana, as it is popularly called, is a standing asana, and more so, a forward bend. It works on the core of the body as it stimulates the nervous system and enhances the blood circulation, thereby calming the mind. This helps alleviate the migraine headaches too.

The Cat Stretch or the Marjariasana is usually done in combination with the Cow Stretch or the Bitilasana. The combination of both these asanas is extremely beneficial to the system on the whole. This asana is a great mind and muscle relaxant. It also improves your breathing and allows you to release stress. All of these factors help in getting rid of the pain and symptoms of a migraine.

Also called the Bridge Pose, this asana resembles one too. This asana keeps your blood pressure in control and also calms and relaxes your mind. It helps relieve anxiety as well. It sends a gush of blood to your brain, which helps alleviate the pain and also the symptoms of the disorder.