Summer is a good time and is considered as holiday season and people spend a lot of time outdoors. So, they tend to get sunburns, tan easily and sweat a lot. Though people try to protect skin only and ignore hair completely. In fact summer is a time to be extra careful towards hair as well. Hair gets damaged in summer due to exposure in harmful UV rays and many reasons. Many people especially men ignore extra scalp and hair care during this season, but hair care is must.

Short hair keeps you cooler by allowing heat to escape from scalp. Always try to keep your hair short during summer as short hair is easy to maintain. Short hair allows to properly cleaning your scalp and thus ensuring hygiene. Our scalp sweats the most in summers; therefore, it is necessary to clean it properly. Also, long hair tends to capture more dirt and sweat within them. This causes irritation and itching in scalp.

Shampoo daily

You sweat more in summer so scalp gets dirty. You need to wash hair everyday in order to keep your scalp clean. Clean scalp ensures healthy hair. You need to use herbal shampoo and conditioners in order to prevent your hair from side effects of chemicals. A good hair care products cleanse and moisturize scalp. Regular care adds elasticity and smoothness to cuticle and makes your hair shine.

Protect your hair from chlorine water

Many men prefer swimming in swimming pool in order to keep their body refreshed. But, pool water has lots of chlorine content that makes your hair dry and frizzy. You should wear swimming cap that prevents your hair from the damage due to chlorine water.

Oil your hair

Shampooing and conditioning is very important during summer. But, you should also oil your hair during this season. Oiling is equally important as it hydrates the hair from inside out. You need to oil your hair on regular basis as it helps you get healthy scalp and shining hair.

Excess use of shampoo causes the scalp to get dry. Oil helps you keep the scalp nourished and retain the scalp moisture.

Apply hair sunscreen lotion

Many people think that sunscreen is just for skin but it also works for hair. You can apply good sunscreen lotion in your scalp to protect your scalp from sunburns.

Cover your hair with cap

It is very important to cover your scalp or hair with cap during this season as it protects hair from harmful effects of ultra violet rays and helps retain moisture. It doesn’t let your hair dry.

Stay healthy

In order to get healthy hair, you should eat healthy. You should choose nutrient rich food such as Amla, Curry Leaves and many more to get rid of hair damage during sunburns. The health of hair is a reflection of overall body health so does exercise daily, eat healthy, drink water, keep your body hydrated, get sound sleep, avoid stress and do whatever you feel good for your scalp and hair care. A happy and healthy lifestyle enhances the growth rate of hair during summer.