Question: I recently started dating a guy and everything was going fine until I made him meet my best friend. Since then, they both have also become good friends. I don’t have any problem with their friendship, but I have noticed my friend taking some weird sort of interest in him. She has even added him on Facebook and they also exchange text messages. Whenever I call her, she asks about him and also makes plans of three of us hanging out together. I don’t want to ‘confront’ my man at this stage since it’s just the initial phase of our relationship and when I tried talking to my friend about this, she completely denied everything. Please tell me how to should handle this situation .By Anonymous


 Answer by Dr Seema Hingoranny: Well, in my personal practice as a psychologist, I often teach my clients a healthy concept called ‘Boundary Management’. It means that you need to compartmentalize your boundaries well with your friends and romantic attachments. Sometimes, we get carried away and include our friends everywhere, you need to stop doing that. Talking to your friend will not help, as she might get defensive and quite obviously she has anyway denied everything. Be confident about your relationship and don’t let insecurity erode your self-worth. Diplomatically cut the strings with your friend, if you feel she is being too intrusive in your relationship. Such relationships are not worth it.