Nina Turner, a former Ohio state senator who became a popular and embattled Bernie Sanders surrogate, told the Washington Post tonight that she will not pursue a third party bid for vice president.

“I’m a Democrat,” Turner said. “It’s a party that I’ve given my life’s work to. I have too much invested in this party to leave it.”

Turner, who was deprived of a place at the Democratic National Convention last week, was approached by Green Party nominee Jill Stein and offered a place on the ticket. Turner did not immediately rule it out. As recently as mid-June, she’d said that the two-party system needed to be “shaken up” after the Democratic primaries resulted in the nomination of Hillary Clinton.

But Turner quickly decided to stay in the Democratic Party rather than bolting, a move that could have ended her political career.

“I’m a Shirley Chisholm kind of Democrat,” said Turner, referring to the first black woman to win delegates in a presidential contest 44 years ago.

Turner’s decision leaves Stein without a high-profile running mate, and only a few days to find one. The Green Party meets in Houston this weekend, and is widely expected to give Stein its presidential nomination, based on primary results and support from delegates.