UnitedByDonts party, a campaign aimed at safety and empowerment of Indian women, was recently held at Nehru Park here.

The campaign, which was organised by the United Colors of Benetton on Saturday, echoes the brand’s commitment to India as a strategically important market. Promoting gender equality and women’s safety as the priority for India, Benetton is executing key elements of its global sustainability roadmap, the Women Empowerment Program, a long-term sustainability program aimed at supporting the empowerment of women worldwide eventually.

Right from the very beginning, many ‘don’ts’ are imposed on women in an attempt to keep them safe, however, those ‘don’ts’ are not really helping anyone from crime against women. In order to fight against such ‘don’ts’, where women are told in the name of safety, Benetton have initiated this first of its kind campaign in India, supported by audience from all walks of life.

“Today we are here with a cause or a mission which is women empowerment. This is the agenda which is driven by our global head office. With this agenda, the idea is to look at the various channels which women in our country are facing and work towards them in a positive way. Create awareness of the issue which women are facing today and work as an enabler. We want to create a lot of positive thoughts around the mind of the citizens in our country, so that issues pertaining to women are address,” Sundeep Chugh, the CEO of Benetton India Pvt. Ltd, said while speaking about the campaign.

Musics lovers had an amazing treat at the event with performances by well-known bands, including Delhi Indie Project-Dilli Wala Band and Shillong Chamber Choir. Known for their an eclectic mix of Sufi, Indie, Folk and Punjabi that meets with western notes of Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Latin Music, Delhi Indie Project presented an assemblage of sounds which make sure that you dance your weekday blues away.

Shillong Chamber Choir, one of India’s finest choirs, mesmerized the audience with a rendition of old Indian classics like ”Ye Dosti” and many more western notes.

Hosted by Mini Mathur, the event witnessed a positive vibe from the audience.

Neeti Palta, a well-known woman stand-up comedian, enthralled the audience with a fun-filled evening.

“It’s lovely to be part of something that empowers a group in society that is undermining so much in our country. Initiatives like this tell them to be themselves. Tell them to do the right thing and that is so important. Once the instinct in the men’s dominating changes, then that is true women empowerment,” William, one of the choir members from Shillong Chamber Choir, said.

‘A campaign like this that Benetton has started UnitedbyDont’s which actually works towards creating a better atmosphere for women, works on gender equality, works on creating a safe environment for women so that women don’t have to hear so many don’ts. It’s been too long that women had been tiptoe around. It’s a high time we took a step to create an environment which is generally everybody wanted to see a better life, a better environment, a better situation and safety for women in this country,” Mini Mathur said.