Do you really know that which are the Benefits Of Using Indian Henna On Natural Hair as Henna also known as mehndi is the very effective and useful naturally occurring products for hair from many years earlier around the world. And Indian people also like to use it on their hairs for better result and look. Every type of Indian people likes to apply it including men women or even young girls of India. The henna plays a best role to make your hair health, and beautiful naturally. There are also some chemical products are available in Indian markets for making hair healthy and strong. But all have minimum or some serious disadvantages because of their chemical nature. But if you apply henna you would not get any harm any side effect from this on your hairs. And it is may be just because of it’s naturally nature. And there are also some important and value able tips or steps are given below through which we can examine the role of henna or mehndi as a hair beauty naturally product.

Color On Hair Through Henna:

Most of the people use it just for applying color on their hairs for make their look beautiful. And now we are offering you the way to apply it on your hair as homemade remedy.

  • First, take a bowl and add henna powder of 2 cups in the bowl. Then add Amla powder 1 to 2 cups in it. Then add egg white, lemon juice at least 2 spoons in it. And then mix and shake it finely till these make a solution.
  • And now we are going towards the applying procedure of it. Make this solution at night just before sleeping. And then apply it at the next morning on your hairs. And leave it for some time at least 45 minutes. And then wash your hairs and see the result.

Treat Dandruff By Henna:

one of the best Benefits Of Using Indian Henna On Natural Hair as that it is the best way to fight against dandruff with henna. Here a best and effective homemade remedy is present for this matter.

  • Take 1 cup of grind methi seeds in a bowl and then add 1 cup henna powder and some quantity of lemon juice also add in it. Mix it with stirrer to make a solution.
  • And after making remedy come towards for apply it. apply it on your hair and leave it to fight with dandruff for at least 45 minutes. And after this wash it with cool water and you are not allowed to use shampoo during wash

Reducing Hair Fall Through Henna:

  • Take one cup of Amla powder in a bowl and then add 3 spoons of henna powder and methi seeds in it. and then also add 1 lemon and 1 egg-white in it. and make a paste of these ingredients.
  • After one hour from making this paste, apply it on your hair and leave it for at least 45 minutes. Then wash your hairs normally. Apply this method for at least one time in a week and see the result.