Bella Thorne has channeled her beach babe vibe for her latest photo shoot.
The 18-year-old stripped down to a very tiny orange bikini which revealed her gym-honed body as she posed in colorful sunglasses
and a scarf tied around her striking red hair.
The Scream Queens star flashed plenty of skin in the daring two-piece for a series of photos published by Galore for its summer issue
on Tuesday.
However, she added, she doesn’t go in the sun much because of her coloring.
‘I’m not going in the sun because it’s really bad for your face, and I already don’t put moisturizer on. I don’t want to risk the wrinkles, so
I have a spray tan,’ she said.
And despite looking stunning in the photos, the teen insists it really takes a lot of work to make her look like that.
‘I work out every single day, sometimes multiple times a day,’ she said.
‘I only really work out my core, abs, and legs, and butt is included in that. I don’t really work out my chest or shoulders all that often
because I personally don’t love that look,’ she explained. ‘But what’s really good is jumping squats—really good.’
And she documents her workout sessions on her Instagram for her fans.
‘I like my fans to see what I’m doing all day long, but I’m also just doing it just to do it—just to try and be healthy.’

Bella insists that she maintains her trim figure despite eating ‘whatever I want all day long.’
She doesn’t diet, and she’s not into food fads.
‘I eat anything spicy, greasy, fried, with carbs, literally, everything,’ she said.
She went on: ‘My skin doctor told me, ‘You need to cut out this, this, this, this.’ I’m like, ‘Shut up! No, I don’t. You just want to make
me miserable and dependent on you, and I’m not going to because I’ll eat whatever I want.’