Tap root vegetables like beetroot, carrot gives us good health. They improve hemoglobin percentage in blood. Few avoid beetroot. Beetroot can be taken in the form of cooked or raw food, juice. Most of the people treat this as medicine taken only when one falls sick. Generally in functions, raw carrot, beetroot, cucumber are seen. This is because all of them have good nutritional value. People also love to eat them.

How to use beetroot!!

Beetroot pieces can be blended to soft paste, add spoon lemon juice and egg white. This paste is to be applied to face, neck, hands. After drying, clean with warm water. If we do this frequently, skin will gain tightness and wrinkle free.

Beetroot juice can be mixed with honey and apply for lips allowing to dry for 10 minutes. Lips will get softness if one does this every night before sleep.

Instead of applying colour to hair, beetroot juice should be applied to hair, remain for half an hour and take bath. If you do this once in a week, your white hair will turn brown.

Take a hand full of oats, beetroot pieces and make a paste. Mix a spoon honey, lemon juice apply for face and massage gently. Wash with cool water. After 2 minutes, apply steam to face. Your face will glow like gold now.

In beetroot juice, add curd, almond oil, amla powder and make a paste. Apply this to hair. This will act as natural conditioner.