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What if your home beer instead of water coming from the pipe? But the German people in India do not know when it will have been a dream come true. Today we’re going to show you how the hell this happened Possible Plan. Pass under the streets of beer pipeline …

The pipeline was laid in Germany is the world’s first beer. The Belgian city of pipelines passing through the narrow streets to reach people’s homes. This means that now the German beer ENJOY people will not need to go to the bar or pub. People will be able to direct the home tap beers. The plan has come true living in Bruges by Xavier Vinstin. He spent seven and a half million in the project.
Indeed, the idea of beer supply in Xavier Vinstin incoming pollution from trucks came to save the town. The German people are very happy with this unique experiment. However, let me tell you that the Russian living in his house Aandraey Aremiv personal beer pipeline was laid. His jokes were started by people quite liked the plan. His idea now brought no joy on the faces of those in Germany.